Trivia Competition is Fierce in Here – Bar Trivia Chicago at Jerk

As Trivia @ Jerk continues on I see the competition growing more and more fierce I predict that by the end of this year we will be engaging in all out gladiator style warfare including lions, battle axes, and spike pits. For now, however, we will settle with the point system. This week’s Trivia @ Jerk saw the closest game yet with the winners beating their competitors by a mere 5 points! The CC Fall Guys and the No Doubters came together in a clash of knowledge but in the end the Fall Guys prevailed. AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN WANT TO PLAY, AT FIRST. Nothing better than unexpected money, am I right lads? With trivia rounds including Seinfield Trivia, Grammy Winning Soundtracks, and the Walking Dead, this weeks trivia night was random as all get out but the CC Fall Guys answered the challenge and took home the green. ‘Till next time kiddies…keep quizing.

CC Fall Guys – 33
No Doubters – 28