Jerk Chicago Trivia A Night of POTUS

Apparently, at Jerk, we are making America Great again one jerk chicken wing at a time! We normally host random trivia nights every Wednesday but as some of you may know, we host themed trivia nights on the first Wednesday of the month and since the inauguration was a mere 2 weeks ago we decided to theme our trivia night around our Commander in Chiefs, the American presidents. With rounds called “Francis” – where we give you the middle name and you give us the President who owned it or rounds called “Trump or a 9 year-old” where we give you a quote and you tell us whether it was spoken by our president or a child, it’s no wonder why this night was live from top to bottom.

Tequila Monster, Nerd in the Quarter, Team Redundancy Team, Primetime President, and Phillys Most Wanted all came out looking for blood and by blood I mean trivia game braging rights! At the end of the night, there can only be one. Tequila Monster huffed and puffed and blew the competition away. Good job guys! See ya next Wednesday!.