Jerk Trivia, Drinking and Thinking

Normally, I start with some funny intro to prime our readers and patrons for the goings-on of Trivia at Jerk but there is nothing to smile or laugh about because this week was all out warfare. Babies were spying on teams, little old ladies were flipping tables and a few “bros” spiked the rum punch with laxatives! Ok, none of that happened but nonetheless this week chalk full of competition. This week’s rounds such as Friends Trivia, All About Babies, and 90’s sitcoms gave our trivia Jerks an opportunity to make up in certain areas when they might have fallen short in others. Ah, variety…sounds great doesn’t it? Tell that to my ex girfriend! The F*** boys win by one! (P.S. yea they named themselves that. I mean, it could be worse…wait, no…no it couldn’t be worse. Terrible name fellas…terrible…enjoy the dough!)