Jerk Trivia Night Chicago – Pete Sweats brings home the W

Last Wednesday was dedicated to those Spiderman t-shirt wearing fanatics. Society tells you to wear khaki’s and a cardigan but you say nay-nay! Wednesday’s gathering of the minds was dedicated to all things superhero. 3 teams duked it out for the title of top cheese and one team nailed it to the wall…and by nailed it to the wall I mean that they beat the others in trivia…you know…in case you didn’t know what I meant. ANYWHO, it was a tight race between Oafy and Pete Sweats (We Live Here was busy drinking and Hi-fiving each other). Both teams nailed some pretty tough and obscure superhero questions but one of the two came out on top. Bravo Pete Sweats you take home the W today.

The Score We live Here – 26
Pete Sweats – 56
Oafy – 44